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It is not easy to get to know the culture of a vast country like India. For this, many texts, literature and moods have to be read and understood.

In my view, if a person listens to the folk songs of various fields and understands it, then there will be a way to reach the bottom of the cultures. Folk songs or dance, they are inherent in the story of the development of our society, happiness, sadness and joy. He can understand folk songs, festivals, folk songs sung in the period from birth to death. But the crisis is that the songs are falling down.

Anjani Kumar Ji and his initiative Indian Desi Folk has taken the responsibility to find these artists from all over the country, collecting these precious songs one by one, preserving them and make them reach every home.

We should not only admire their objective efforts, they should also be supported in this work. I am with them, you also come forward for your heritage

Ratan Rajput
(Indian Film and Television Actress )


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